The Dew-flirt

A wall-eyed rascal,he. Drunk on stars and comets by night, Hunkered down by daybreak- peering in to dawn’s blue fog. Mottled with opals-dew’s blessings adorn his thick fur. Perch between two black holes for eyes. Beneath flexing paws the soft earth warms. This dusty mister feels moles scrapings beneath him, picks out scuttling beetles in…

Calm tide

An undulating mirror. Cradled above and below by light. Buoyed gently upward. Held by water deliciously cold. Close to heaven, this ocean curve just below my eyes.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018


Garden fresh, full of growth: Glowing , keen with blossoms yet to come, Soon to quicken in sunlight.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018

God of the Sea

It is incredible what washes up on to a beach. Especially if you really look. I found this marvel whilst collecting sea glass today, and put it in my pocket as one of many. Only hours later did I see what lies within it, when I was looking at all of them together. Maybe it…


On seeing Miss Bath 2018 appearing as the Goddess Minerva.   Timeless beauty flows from her; Sunlit tresses flow in glowing crescents, framing lustrous eyes with beau regard.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018      

Foxes Before Dawn

Their sharp, high calls woke me. Almost violent, in 3 am silence. A loud skittering of claws drew me to the window. To my sleepy eyes, they were as two leaves blown in the wind. Whirling madly across the road, Locked together like fighters and ducking under cars. Backs all arched, leaping like the tarmac…


This world has such marvels. Preoccupied by distant thoughts I almost missed Easter Island statue in wood.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018  


What  hellish, twisting wreck is this? Moby Dick, coiled and barbed with rage. Mad for murder. Iron-fanged, as if alive. Sunk deep. Held fast. Tide-teased yet free never. Anchored in the bay.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018  


What JOY this bench has: Grandstand view of shifting seasons passing by; The world revolving around it.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018


A Spatter of Firm Footprints: Stealthy trod, lead by Amber lamp eyes- Lit by midnight snowy glow.   © Tom Tide 2018


I’m talking a fair bit lately. Much more than I have been. I’ve had conversations about all sorts, and with all manner of people. It’s been fun. In all of this newness there has been a topic that has really taken hold of me, and allowed me to breathe more freely.  I’ve been talking about…

The Trump Needs A Thump!

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? And then Something went BUMP! How that bump made us jump! ? We looked! Then we saw US President Trump! We looked! And we saw him! So terribly loud! And he said to us “Yankees, I’ll make you so proud”. ? ” To protect you from culture I will…