‘Our faith goes to Music! Kissing! Life!’


I had planned to try to write something humorous this weekend, but my subject seems asinine now. After what happened on Friday it would feel wrong. I think that Charlie Hebdo’s response of thanks is remarkable, and so I want to write about that. I always feel that it is in the worst of times that a community shows its best and bravest colours, and I also think that this is the case today. There is a genuine resilience and courage to the simple cartoon that I saw this evening. It made me think of how chaos and carnage often make us cherish our loved ones, and the good and true things in life. It made me think of this:

What can I write

On a night like tonight,

When everyone’s brain’s in a spin?

There’s blood on the streets and

The newspaper sheets are

Crimson with violence and sin.

How can I start

to pen thoughts of my heart

When I don’t know where I should begin?

Save to mark with a prayer

All the love that’s out there

And all that there ever has been.

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