dire_brothersf Affinity teases me. It is a cunning form of deja vu that soothes my soul, and it always appears unexpectedly. I can be woefully distracted, but a scent, sound, sight or texture can snag my attention; leaving me haunted by a connection that I should recognise, but do not. I always welcome these moments. Affinity is a warmth in my bones, and a way of embracing more than the brutal, grey and superficial world has to offer. It is a gift. So tantalising is it, that it seems to only appear to me at the most mundane of times, as if a test to see if I am alert. Awake. Open to possibilities yet unrealised.

I look forward to a affinties within a facial expression or locking of eyes, as all true affinities should be unspoken. Be it a glance that lingers just a fraction too long, or a shared perception of something emotive, it marks an understanding to be cherished, and revisited with every refreshed encounter. A harmonius accord, if you will. I have an affinity with a colleague every Friday morning. We have never spoken about it (in fact we never speak at all), but we share a love that the weekend is nigh, and an appreciation that we have battled to get through to this time. Even though we stand next to eachother there are no words, simply a nod and a raising of eyebrows that says so much. That is affinity.

At least as a noun, anyway. Within the realms of biochemistry (a misty and frightening realm for me), it is classified as ‘the degree to which a substance tends to combine with another’. I am usually mystified by Science, but I appreciate this. I can interact with and experience it, like following a recipie.I feel how the different elements can combine together and fuse, to create something special. How a panoply of elements can come together in fusion.

It is not cookery that reveals this to me though, but music. Had I to choose one tune to hear before I died, it would be Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits. Now there is an affinity. An accord between voice and guitar that is masterful. Listen to it, and you feel a call and response between voice and guitar that is unparallelled. Every phrase of that piece is emotive in some form, and often in many emotions simultaneously. God knows when I first heard that tune, but it must have been significant, because it visits me so much, and unbidden. It crept in to my psyche today, and wafted the beginnings of this post across my brain. I am going to listen to it now, as it appeared on its original video release. You can see it is you click on the link below. It is an affinity of music and art, bound together by timing. I daren’t begin to wrote about that. Enjoy, if you do partake.





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