There are very few individuals in this world who are both fascinating and mysterious, and even less of them riding the fame carousel. This world said farewell to one today. Obituary writers worldwide must have felt daunted when the news was first broadcast. I don’t envy anybody the behemoth of a task that is to try to encapsulate the life of a man like David Bowie. It would be like trying to describe his music. Impossible. I have spent the whole day with his music in my head, interspersed with snippets of tributes heard on the radio. I feel deeply moved, yet I never met the man and I only encountered his music in my teenage years. Nevertheless, he has made an indelible mark on me.

He has become for me the master of reinvention. I will never know how anybody could cultivate and embody so many personas, and so utterly convincingly. Who else could play an alien in disguise, The Elephant Man, a Goblin King and the adult embodiment of a cartoon, and completely nail each and every performance? One of my earliest memories is sneaking downstairs as a six year old and peering at the TV, with my eyes riveted to the most striking person I had ever seen. My Dad was watching The Man Who Fell to Earth, and I only glimpsed a few seconds of it. It has stayed with me. Regardless of the setting or scenario, I feel rthat his presence has stayed with me.

I love listening to so much of his music, but today has been all about omne of them. Heroes. It is the embodiment of baring a soul on stage. I firmly believe that people are born with gifts and talents, and either squander or share them. I think Bowie poured his gifts out to others, whether family, friends or humble listeners. I am particularly moved today by how every single tribute that I have heard or read relates a different virtue or generosity that he had. Whether it be inspiration, collaboration or support that he gave, it was there in abundance. People feel connected to him. So few people actually transcend labels and experiences in life. So few navigate addictions, challenges and tribulations and continue to relentlessly create. For me, Bowie had all of thjese virtues, and I wish him peace and serenity, wherever he may be. david_bowie_s_eyes_by_oblomsky-d5ktoo4

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