Different strokes

Sometimes my body craves sleep but my brain throws a spanner in the works. Food dye in to the milky calm of the moment before repose. A chinese burn to the imagination.  It could be an image. An idea. A scenario. Or the queen bitch of lets wake Tom up, also known as the completely unanswerable question. So here is tonight’s:


Are tools of communication ( from typewriter to tablet) like people? Are they caressed or warped by their experiences? Just as  a person’s demeanour is formed by their perceptions and senses, does a computer absorb the emotions of keys typed and searches performed? Are the strokes of fingers recorded and combined?  Are the mechanics imbued with the sum total of subjects searched? My my, what those computers would say. If keyboards had eyes. Can they feel?

Food for thought. Fuel for a sleepless night. Fucking brain!


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