To fare on-fusing the self that wakes and the self that dreams


Our world occasionally witnesses people who possess beautiful minds and souls. A combination of qualities that in a creative person yields masterpieces. Sometimes these gifted ones draw their admirers and afficianadoes.  Rarely, they become master craftspeople, and inspire generations. The architect Frank Lloyd Wright is one of these people for me. I know next to nothing about architecture, but his buildings captivate me. They arouse and calm my mind in equal measure, bringing with them a serenity that is profound. They are works of art in every sense, and even looking at drawings and photographs of them brings me joy. I adore the fact that he often concealed doorways, so that any visitors would have to search for entry, delighting in fresh angles and perspectives as they did so.

I love the shapes, curves and cohesion of all of his buildings, but none more so that Falling Water. It is an orgasm of a building. An intense fusion of heightened moments to get utterly lost in. A hauntingly beautiful cantilevering of materials that glide over a gushing waterfall.


I am in awe of the mind that conceived this house. To have even imagined it is magnificent, but to have that thought realised? Astounding. Wright’s clients charged him with the creation of a holiday/weekend retreat in the countryside, and he delivered magnificently. The hearth, or ‘heart’ of the home is carved directly from the rocks that the family liked to sunbathe on in times of repose. So sensitive was Wright to his clients wishes and welbeing, that he built their living room around their sacred swimming spot, granting them an orchestra of water music above, and a descending set of steps in to their nirvana below. Suspended between ceiling and floor are manifold apertures, each a framed landscape of their special place.

As a veteran daydreamer and fantasiser I transport myself to this place; floating in the pool in dappled sunlight one moment, gazing at the water from floating balconies the next. I visit the place in my dreams, and almost convince myself that I live there. Occasionally I even conjure up visitors to enjoy it with. This is my happy place, even though I have never visited in person. Wright said that when experiencing his buildings he wanted visitors to feel every view and element as a captured moment. A snapshot from a floating world, which could fuse both dreaming and concious states.  One day I will visit it in body as I do in spirit.


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