You are but new to the world

Yet I know you to your very bones.

Deeper, indeed. I was shown you on a screen

Before you arrived. As your fragile self bound itself together.

Now here, you are full of the joys of Spring,

Summer. Autumn. Winter: a calendar of joys

Captured in moments too bountiful to fit in to small spaces.


It is the joy of my life to watch you grow in to yourself.

To blossom amongst your friends, and bloom.

Yet I fear, with awful dread

The perils of having open eyes in this world.

I want to soothe your brow-

Smooth out your frown lines,

and erase the strife that makes them.


As you strengthen.

Send forth roots

To stamp your authority on the here and now.

As you flow and rise, I give you my ebbing freely.

To speed you on gathering tides of your future-

Even  though it will break my heart

To see you leave, I shall bless you.


© Tom Tide 2016

One Comment Add yours

  1. Tom Tide says:

    I wrote this on the evening after my son’s Fourth birthday party. I am alarmed at how fast he is growing up.


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