Dave Fieldhouse is an alchemist. He takes separate elements and materials and transforms them in to something beautiful, complex and valuable. Priceless, in fact. He is a landscape photographer who creates strikingly beautiful images of land and sea, in all of its voluptuous and craggy forms. Every one of his images speaks to me in some way, and at times I struggle to accept that they are actually photographs. They have a visceral allure and drama to them that makes my brain think that they are actually paintings, or even songs brought to life. He has somehow managed to place my mind’s eye within each scene, and arouse my senses at the same time. The images are both dramatic and serene. They are unique.

Having followed Dave’s photography for some time now, I also know that this creativity and mastery of colour, light and perspective is hard won. Every shot is meticulously created following research of weather conditions, air temperature, tide timetables, sunrises and sunsets and heavens knows what else. Even then, there is the arduous task of getting up obscenely early to be in the right place, at the right time to capture an individual moment. Even then, I would imagine that the moment may not happen. This is another aspect of Dave’s photography that I love: namely that he goes to extraordinary lengths to capture a feeling or atmosphere. Like many people who are passionate about their craft, he obviously pours his time and energy in to it. The results speak for themselves.

The phrase ‘creative journey’has been much abused over the years, but when I look at  Dave’s photographs, especially his seascapes, I genuinely feel drawn in to the canvas. In to the scene. As with all great storytellers, he has harnessed the power to transport the audience in to a moment imbued with emotions. I am not surprised that many of the shots seem to be taken close to sunrise or sunset because they are also deeply contemplative, as those times of day can make people feel. We all emotionally invest ourselves in to special places that are significant to us in some way, and it is obvious that he also does that with his journeys. What makes them truly wonderful is that the viewer is invited to join him. Guided and gently steered in to the colours, shadows and pathways within the picture.

As I wrote earlier, these remarkable photographs feel almost song-like to me. I have recently discovered a song that could have been written to Dave, so perfectly do the lyrics apply to his creativity, and how it is achieved. In ‘I’m waiting for you’ Jonny Flynn sings “Will you search through the lonely earth for me, climb through the briar and the bramble”? That is exactly what Dave Fieldhouse does for anybody who has the privilege of experiencing his photographs. They are moving. They reveal ethereal, searchred for locations, and inspire a flood of recognition and new sensations.

I am truly thankful Dave.

If anyone has enjoyed reading my ramblings, then they will be as nothing compared to seeing the real images. Go and seek them out. Look. Enjoy. Be seduced. Take a trip to:


© Tom Tide 2016

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  1. Through you, I have come to know and appreciate Dave’s work. Thank you. This is a wonderful appreciation of his work. He is an artist in the real sense of that word.

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