À Mon Retour

It is all so very familiar:

From a certain light at sunset to the sudden fresh breeze.

Dusty warmth to the air caressing lithe beach bodies, both male and


In fragrant supermarkets the strong, open-faced women with

Work-worn hands. Their denim-clad husbands.

Family dinners with all eating together. Fireworks

after dark, and the sensuality of everything.

Azure, misty light. Losing myself at the lapping tideline

Seeking crystal lozenge stones, disturbing scuttling, translucent

Sea creatures. Appetite-honing winds and distances made deceptive

heat shimmers over the currwent-veined sea.

Every evening, watching wobbly, bright satellites in the utterly deep

Dark, with a rus of crickets. The same excitement of another

approaching day.

© Tom Tide 2016


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