Tom Tide

Today I had a transformative experience. I have felt like Tom Tide inside my head for some time now. I always write at night, and there is an intoxicating freedom to diving in to words and ideas and emotions. When I write, I feel that I know my voice, and to a certain extent how to use it. Yet waking up, my literary alter ego goes to sleep, save for logging thoughts, ideas and the odd snapshot for future blog entries. It has been a strange, nocturnal existence.This morning was different, though. This morning was the first time I actually saw myself as a writer, and as Tom Tide. I was in my element, looking at the sea on a beautiful day, bare feet on rocks with the waves lapping over them. About to swim.

I am visiting my cousin Alec Jones, who is a very skilled photographer (though I would describe him as an amalgamation of painter and sculptor of light and colour). He and his partner Diane offer everytrhing from pgotoshoots to wedding pohotography to teaching skills, as Alec Jones Services. Alec took the image for this post at the moment I had decided to go swimming, and explore the cliffs. The sea was calm and bright, and the fierce sun !Ade a swim even more ealing. What he has captured is me thinking and doing what I love, and it is the first time I have seen what that looks like, with my own eyes. I am deeply grateful for this.

I am going to write about Alec and the lovely Diane in my next post, but please look at the wonderful images that they produce, at

http://www.Alec Jones 

Thank you Alec and Diane, you have empowered me to write with a new vigour and confidence, because now I know what my inner writer looks like!

© Tom Tide 2016

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