What are you writing?


No, I shall not look your way, although I might.

Not to turn and seek your eyes is a great feat;

It is enough to share in this bright bulb light,

That bathes us, separated by just one seat.


Yes, I say bathe even though this light is fake,

For we share a light that no-one else can see;

It flows around us, rippling, as a calm lake,

Oh, to bask within its glow we are both free.


Then there is the same air that we do both breathe,

Its eddies and its swirlings we both have known;

Even when the crowds and throngs around us seethe,

If I sense you, then I feel entirely home.


Whatever element I feel, you are there,

Wherever we inhabit, you make it fair.


© Tom Tide 2016



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