Ocean in a Bottle

I was given the wide ocean in a bottle today.

A gift of true generosity. Heavenly,

To cradle the wonder of the Sea within my palm’s breadth.

To be known. So well.

I put my lips to it. Warm from the Autumn

Sun that bathed it on my morning window sill

Where I placed it lovingly. Within minutes I unstoppered it.

Put my tongue to its curved neck. Tasted

Velvety water, with a heady tang.

Breathed in its presence: A piquant elixir freed.

Held aloft, watched whirling grains.

Oh, to be those grains would

Be freedom itself.

Now, a few scant hours later, the essence is

Crystallised by the  sun. Even now evaporating.

As if it were too desired or precious for this life.

Or perhaps just hastening back to the deep, blue


© Tom Tide 2016


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  1. Absolutely beautiful. I love it! x

    Liked by 1 person

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