I am trying to decide  to develop this story or leave it well alone. If anybody reads it, could you please let me know what you think? I would gfenuinely appreciate any comments, and be so, so grateful for any shares. I want to hear from as many different viewpoints as possible.

Many thanks x

The guard palmed him something as he stepped down to the melting  asphalt. Apart from the firm handshake, all he’d said was ‘Go to The Owl. You look like a goddam bum’, before stepping back up in to the bus. Any passers by would have seen a very tall, sun-marked man in a suit three sizes too large for his wiry frame. His polished shoes had a high shine, at odds with the greying stubble and mop of hair that sprouted from his head at all angles. Awash with panic, he allowed himself to acknowledge that he was on his own for the first time in five years. It felt eerie. Like dreaming. Opening his palm he found five dollars, dampened with his own sweat. His heart was thumping as he drew a carton of cigarettes from his pocket, shucking one out.

‘You coming in stretch, cuz  I could really  do…

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