The Trump Needs A Thump!


And then

Something went BUMP!

How that bump made us jump!


We looked!

Then we saw US President Trump!

We looked!

And we saw him!

So terribly loud!

And he said to us

“Yankees, I’ll make you so proud”.


” To protect you from culture

I will build a wall.

Keep the Mexicans out

Whilst I prattle and stall”.


“I will play such Political games”

Said the Trump.

“To make lots of dough”,

Oh, the Trump needs a thump!


“Oh not in my name-”

All the kind folks exclaim,

“For your ethos, your viewpoint,

We just can’t sustain”.


“So begone you sad fraud,

With your cut–throat ideas.

For this world already

has too many fears”.


“And know this-

The eyes of the world rest on you,

Scrutinising the damage

That you plan to do”.


© Tom Tide 2016



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  1. Tom Tide says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:

    For egghead, in all his bald glory


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