Ralph Vaughan Williams

His music.  Lakeland fells. Inseperable, for me.

Overwhelming both, as sunlight emerging from banked clouds.

Transported. Once engaged always awed by the scale of rockface or score.

To listen is to fly and soar like a bird.

Spinning upwards. Turning over.


Pure daydreams. As intense as scaling a peak. Looking down at the world

below. Glancing heavenwards, and drinking in a slow climb to the

climax. Walking above cloud level.

Senses battered by wind and fresh vapour.

Thunderous strings, antiphonal echoes

Raise hairs and heartbeat.


All and every instrument raw and real, just as

A whole mountain alive, from Wren to Herdwick.

Distance plays tricks on the eyes.

Aloft, whole herds of cattle reduced to flecks on a leaf.

Lost in the immensity of land.

Pure beauty. Pure air. Pure sound.


© Tom Tide 2016


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  1. A beautiful, eloquent description of a beautiful, evocative place. I want to be there, now, with that music in my ears. Of all your writings, this is one which will remain in my mind for a very long time.

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