Dream of Me

Familiar words drifted towards him as he felt the gate yield to the key. Stars fading, but I linger on dear; still craving your kiss. The torrid heat of the day had given way to a clear and cloudless night, the surface of the lido lay flat and shimmering in the moonlight. Full, the moon cast long shadows along the edge of the pool, turning misty at the corners of the pool. despite the soft breeze his shirt stuck to him, and he sensed rather than saw her at the far end of the pool, watching him from the darkness. His breath caught as she stepped in to the light. Her face still  in shadow, his eyes drank in the haunting beauty of her nakedness. Moonlight caught the pale swell of her breasts, catching the smooth contours of her hips. She was sylphlike and ethereal, and only recognizable by the sudden tilt of her head. ” You won’t need those clothes. Take them off”.

He fumbled with his shirt, clumsy and uncoordinated in his sudden embarrassment. When his clothes lay in a crumpled heap before him, he looked up and she raised her head.“I only swim when the moon is fat, you know”. She fixed him with a fierce gaze then, and the same expression of amused intensity washed over him. Leaning forward, she dove forward, making barely a ripple on the surface of the water. Taking a deep breath he stepped forward and followed her in. The cold of the water shocked him, but he reveled in the soft roar of the water around him. Opening his eyes he saw the water pierced by shafts of blue light, and no sign of his companion. Rising to the surface, she was nowhere to be seen. He panicked and cursed himself for not bringing a torch, as a cloud plunged the water in to darkness. He felt paralysed by fear, and did not know what to do.

Taking another deep breath he dove again, flailing his arms in front of him and feeling for her. He felt the darkness pressing in to him and let out a scream of panic, hearing the bubbles rush towards the surface. Had she knocked herself out? Was she playing a trick on him? Relief flooded through him as he felt a gentle pressure on his feet. The water flooded with light again as he looked down at the fanned amber tresses moving up his body. He felt her hands on his thighs, torso, shoulders. Her eyes were closed as she pressed herself to him, and leaned in to plant a kiss on his lips. As her eyes shot open he felt a violent tug on his legs. Blank, sightless orbs bored in to his own gaze and he wrenched himself backward. Instantly he felt his legs violently gripped by thick ropes, and in his terror glimpsed deep blue scales digging in to his calves as his legs were crushed together. As she slowly pushed them down to the tiled floor he felt her slender fingers caress his face, compelling him to submit.


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