Antici…PATION! of a ‘Blind Date with a Book’.

I am of two minds: First, I’m all for taking a risk. Experimenting. Though there’s more. Second: its all about chemistry for me. From first glance if there’s a raising of hairs (or eyebrows)… Or other appendages, Then I’m easy. Hooked. Yours. ?   Copyright Tom Tide 2017  

Tread Softly

Sometimes, someone breaks through the gates of my inner self, throws them aside, and peeks in to long dormant corners of my mind. With keen wit and sharp eye scrapes back the layers that camouflage powerful desires. So subtle this gossamer presence, that I seldom know they are there until they glide away, leaving me shattered….

Among the Gorse

A mass of contradictions is Gorse: Keenly fragrant on a warm day, yet Barbed to the touch. Within, an entire world once wound through hidden paths. That fragrance? Purest Vanilla, with something else entirely. A visceral  funk. Arousing.   Beckoning the lusty. To a most secluded of bowers- when with a lover. Hidden by enclosing…


  There are no words to thank you for your love, None can suffice: they would be infinite. For all you teach me, I thank stars above: Until the dawn absorbs their gentle light.   Yet I shall give you words that you taught me, The precious gift of words, which I adore: For in your goodness you…

Music to my eyes

  Once I had a radio: In its place lie symphonies of words; Music for my busy mind.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017  


Winter Shadows Fade: Buds unfurl whilst sap rises; Ground begins to warm.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017

An innate sense of place

I live in the city of Bath, in the South West of England. It is a very beautiful place, and I love it for many, many reasons. I love the tall Georgian buildings that reveal their cavernous interiors through large, frame-like windows. I love the history of the place, that seems to seep out of…


We’re all in Departures: Within those ticking-brief moments of rest time. Our minds in transit. We load up on caffeine or booze for the long haul. To steady the nerves.   Some sitting alone, lamenting farewells. Others tingling with anticipation at what’s to come. Either clutching the onward ticket, or stowing it deep. Unhappy at the…