Tread Softly

Sometimes, someone breaks through the gates of my inner self, throws them aside, and peeks in to long dormant corners of my mind. With keen wit and sharp eye scrapes back the layers that camouflage powerful desires. So subtle this gossamer presence, that I seldom know they are there until they glide away, leaving me shattered. Breathless. Longing for further intrusions. Bereft, and chasing snatches of a long-forgotten song.


Copyright Tom Tide 2017

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  1. Roberta Hodgkiss says:

    Hello Tom,  I keep meeting people who then leave for home but enjoying companionship here that is lacking at Alderley.  Went long waLK IN mONTE gARDENS yesterday.  The orchids were beautiful and the gardens well tended.  Fire raged there and I saw it on T V but new low growth is already repairing the damage.  love from Funchal to you all, Auntie Bobbiexxxxxxxxxxxx

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