Draw what you see

Splodges. Squiggles. Paint blots. A lady in a headscarf? An elephant! Thus my mind went a swooping when I saw this ‘Draw what you see’ canvas outside an art shop in Bristol. It was proudly displayed on a trestle table on the pavement, and attracted a great many amateur artists. My son gravitated towards it,…


  Stones from around the globe: Nestle close and fit like silken gloves: Resplendent in fresh water’s spray.     Written after spraying the stone collection on my work desk this morning.     Copyright Tom Tide 2017


Merely giving voice to the name is seductive. It sounds provocative.  A lingering accentuation of the tongue. A langurous revelation of three syllables that is somewhere between a sigh of pleasure and a whispered secret. It is a celebratory, intoxicating, empowering revelation of the joys of performance. All this and more, because it is also incredibly arousing. I am referring to…

Work gets in the way!

Today is a day for walking, not working! Roll on 4pm! Good morning all, from sunny, hazy Bath x  

Marking Time

During the 18 months that I have been writing this blog, I have never written about my profession. So I shall do now. In my daytime exploits I am a Secondary English teacher. It is now 5.18 am on Sunday Morning. I am swathed in blankets, full of caffeine and listening to the subtle sounds…


Upside down side hedge: Trunk across? Leaves vertical? Until I tilt my head.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017

Mischeif and longing

An expression to turn Mona Lisa green with envy! A labyrinthine riddle of a face. What maelstrom of thoughts created such a moment So briefly set in time? What comment or happenstance drew such mischief? Or longing? Those eyes that glow with intense recognition. I know you. I know your thoughts. Those eyes that make me…


Nature is SO rude, Creeper becomes cock and balls; What a one-track mind!   Copyright Tom Tide 2017  

A Sudden Downpour

I got thoroughly drenched by a Spring downpour today.  It was a violent, dense throw down of a shower, accompanied by gusting wind. I felt immediately permeated by the cold air which was so very  different from the foetid, stuffy fug of my classroom. Venturing out for a lunchtime walk without my coat, my shirt and trousers were sodden within…


One for Cobalt, Two-Sea Green; Three for Copper, Four for Cream. Five? Cerulean. Six for Jet- Seven for all, flashing bright at Sunset.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017