Draw what you see

Splodges. Squiggles. Paint blots. A lady in a headscarf? An elephant! Thus my mind went a swooping when I saw this ‘Draw what you see’ canvas outside an art shop in Bristol. It was proudly displayed on a trestle table on the pavement, and attracted a great many amateur artists. My son gravitated towards it, resting his nose on the paper and peering at shapes. He recognised concrete images immediately, and way before I started to form ideas. It was a magical moment.

I suddenly saw that a  cadmium yellow swirl had become a ‘smelly lemon’. Helpfully labelled for all to see. There was a rogues gallery of noses and eyes. I looped out a parrot with an upraised face. It was such a lovely idea, and perhaps best of all, it got people talking. Strangers. All of whom then passed by, either up or down marvel that is Park Street.


© Tom Tide 2017

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