Merman Dreams

Every time I swim in the ocean, it is as if I return to a long, lost lover. I feel uncontrollably drawn in to an embrace, and the initial meeting of selves is overwhelming. The shock of the cold is almost violent in its intensity. Mere milliseconds last for aeons, and I float along underneath…

The Sea flows through my Pen

The Sea flows through my Pen. I pray that words will flow as freely as waves.       © Tom Tide 2017    

The Underside of Bridges

  If I am to come back as man-made stuff, Would that I be the underbelly of a bridge. Bathing in reflected moonlight of an evening, Basking in warm, refracted sun in the day. I would wrap the winter darkness around my stony self. Let me see the joyous faces ambling along. Peering at the…

Back to Work

  A Treasure Map. In my workaday pockets, brushed by inky, clammy fingertips. Once pristine, lacking any wrinkles. A land to discover. Now dog-eared, yes, but also gilded with love. My memories, awoken by this talisman? Emerald roads, scarlet paths, like veins- All leading to wide- sweeping beaches. Undulating hills with cloud-shadowed flanks, now just sleepy…


Flowing flourish flare fly flail: Unfurl, pivoting from the fixed, hard core: Spirals mimicked by the air.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017

Heartstone for Helen

    When I am gone my love, hold this in your hands. It is full of all I hold dear. I give it all to you. Tossed, scoured shaped by waves. My heart, fashioned over millennia, to lie nestled now in to your cool palm. Brush its concentric circles with your thumb. Feel, at…

Turn Turn Turn

Clouds like seas above hills: Hills rise in to mighty tidal peaks; Piercing rays light the heavens. © Tom Tide 2017  


  Shattered fishing float: Mimics waveform at its crest; Jagged, yet so calm.   © Tom Tide 2017

Little Wonder

Little wonder Eire breeds so many World Travellers. Look: in one wild rock in the far-flung North West blossoms a lichen globe. Whole wide shining continents- each with  new borders to cross. And all this glimpsed in one misty minute. How many broadened horizons birthed by one swift glimpse of this single slab, across centuries?…