I shalt covet thy ticket.

Bath has been full of pilgrims

seeking Paradise: Shangri-La, Music Mecca, call it what you will.

Now? They have arrived: greeted by flags.

A year of desire begins to be sated…


For me, this SO bittersweet.

I observe through a screen, through a lens

the joy of others.

Glittered, beautiful faces. Arms raised, arched  in worship-


Of  four beautiful, glorious syllables

whispered with reverence:

GLAS-TON-BU-RY. A breathy, tantalising word.

Footage begins on my TV.  I kneel to watch. Riveted. Almost at prayer.


Yes, I am envious. Neon green with it.

Yet despite myself, I

love to watch the joy of others,

of all, who share my  love of joy, adventure, freedom. Music.


Copyright Tom Tide 2017



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