Eyes Playing Tricks


I love abandoned and damaged vehicles that have been laid to rest in gardens. I love capturing how nature seems to slowly engulf them. The shadows caused by missing parts are very sculptural to me, and full of shapes and lines made by negative space. I merrily snapped this image because I liked the shape made by the missing bumper. I pinged it to Instagram, and promptly forgot all about it.

Until I looked at it again just a few minutes ago, and now it both fascinates and terrifies me. My rational mind tells me that there is no figure behind the wheel of the car. I know deep down that the shapes and shadows that now command my attention are simply that- shapes and shadows. Yet I am intrigued. My imaginative mind tells me that there IS a person behind the wheel of that wreck, and that he is watching me. Am I alone in thinking this? I would love to hear from anybody who would like to share what they think and feel.

I thrive on being a storyteller, and have always done so, but I want to make one thing crystal clear. I have not altered or doctored the image in any way, shape or form (other than using the ‘Moon’ Instagram filter. I am not sharing it to be provocative or as a wind-up (I am actually quite disturbed by it). I just want to know what other people think. I look forward to any correspondence.


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  1. I’ve only glanced at it, but definitely a figure in the driver’s seat. It’s a male and he is tilting his head slightly towards the door, as if he is leaning around an obstacle (you?) to see if anyone else is aware of his presence. There is also a faint image of a slightly taller person in the passenger seat (a woman?). Faint because he has dispensed with her … maybe … or maybe not and it’s just an old car, but I don’t think it is just anything. Is that one of the old Bath post-war prefabs in the background? Maybe a tale attached to that …
    I think you should build on what you see (using my thoughts if you feel they are useful) and write a prequel.
    (This was all written in the space of a few seconds and is my instant reaction to what I see. A product of my irrational mind’s eye.)

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