Wells have profound depth: Like the mind, thoughts plummet through air; Lightly cast, yet forming ripples.   ┬ęTom Tide 2017

Antrobus to Zennor

Antrobus- artist of light, Barbara Hepworth- flowing forms, Castle (the Tregenna variety), Digey (the)- Epidauros and its view- Fishing boats bobbing, Ginsters NOT allowed, Happy memories, Impossible to forget. Jubilant buskers, Kandahar; Lifeboat gallantry, Mermaid loyalty Laura Evans- Nothing compares, Oceanic Vistas, Porthmeor perfection, Questing for pebbles- Roving down Fore Street, St Eia watches, Tremendous…

Cotswold Sunset

Potent as early childhood memories: A sunset to make Laurie Lee proud: The past kisses the present.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017

True Haven

There is a true haven in moments of time, if you can just settle yourself enough to appreciate them.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017

Bye Bye, Tanned Toes

Well its just not right, is it? A whole Summer’s freedom- Feet cool in the breeze, Flip Flop Free Sand, Sea, Sun… Then SHOES. Straight-laced sweaty incarceration. No in-between. From free range toes to battery piggies. You know what? I HATE IT. Hemming in my soles. I’ve seven hours before my toes return to teaching….

Sea Heart

You have held my heart for longer than I can remember. Today, I held yours. It caught my eye. Turned my head. Felt heavy and full of lively surf. Vein and ventricle filled Brimful by adrenaline waves. I cradled your beating self in tide-filled hands. For many, too few moments. Then returned you to moon-…