Light of my Life

  As Stained Glass light you are to me, And though your face I shall not see, My memories glow with love for you in warm and brightening loving hue.   For when my mind feels drab and drear, One thought of you brings joy so clear, It is as if you are with me…

True Grit

Totem fit for a Temple, Stone Steadfast. Set with a snarl that could cleave Oak. Teeth a crenellated fortress. Yet so fluid. Rippling features. The nose? A whale’s tail, Slamming down between Octopus and swirling ocean current. Bathed in Sunset stained horizon’s light, As if atop a Viking prow. Or Inca guardian? Perhaps all of…


Just so, you are to me. When far away, always present. A murmur in my ear. Drawing me to you. A bright spirit, turning my attention all magpie. When close, a beautiful cacophony. All else drowned out. My soul throws itself in to you like a young otter, All joy play elemental. And yes, you…

Shadow Of Darkness

An undisturbed surface. Pupil-black and convex, this barely contained pool. Hanging high, as if to catch dreams- Or desires. Possibilities, all swept in to an Oryx maelstrom. Rising to the surface and reflecting… In the eye of the beholder.   © Tom Tide 2017  

A Step at a Time

Feet fall softly as blossom: Yet soles bear weight over time, Flowing with streams of life.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017

Crystal clear creativity

Sand is far too gritty! Add heat- fierce heat, to fully clarify: Truth will surely, smoothly ensue.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017


A curious thing this writing: Two years of words, all penned out, Four Hundred posts, shared online.   © Tom Tide 2017  


Wound tight around my pulse: Feeling my heart quicken with desire sparked- Woven with memories, dyed indelibly.   © Tom Tide 2017    


The last apple falls anon: Does it sense its brief, swift demise? Or feel naught but gravity?   © Tom Tide 2017