I’m talking a fair bit lately. Much more than I have been. I’ve had conversations about all sorts, and with all manner of people. It’s been fun. In all of this newness there has been a topic that has really taken hold of me, and allowed me to breathe more freely.  I’ve been talking about…

The Trump Needs A Thump!

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? And then Something went BUMP! How that bump made us jump! ? We looked! Then we saw US President Trump! We looked! And we saw him! So terribly loud! And he said to us “Yankees, I’ll make you so proud”. ? ” To protect you from culture I will…

Bog Wood

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A seed. Long dormant. Lovingly laquered, cradled womb-like by gentle turf. For many generations. By some fair chance comes an unearthing: A keen eye fashions wings from time-frozen knots. Carves a thrusting neck and beak. Unleashes a Phoenix, now poised mid-arc, Or bursting from beneath the fish- harbouring waves. From…

Now you see me

Words have ravaged my eyes- With lenses I shall read, read on: Until my colours run dry.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018      

Love Lines

Sky lit up with vapour trails at sunrise. Planes carve love lines. Joined by countless messages on the ether. All awaiting safe arrival of words or loved ones.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018