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  1. Robertahodgkiss says:

    It is good to receive your blog. I have been shopping to Marks andSpencer today spending a gift token I had for my birthday back in November. Shows how often I go shopping. I treated myself to a box of cherries with money left over from main purchases of tights and undies. Marks are very good with those items. Sent email to Funchal too. The holiday draws closer and I shall enjoy some sun soon. I hope you are all enjoying signs of spring. There are some miniature daffodils in bud and snowdrops are out in the garden today. Roll on springtime. I had a very good view of the moon from my window. Did you see the blue moon? Lots of love from Auntie Bobbiexxxx

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    1. Tom Tide says:

      Glad to hear all is well and that your holiday approaches. We did see the blue moon. It looked very bright and beautiful against the pale Bath stone. Lots of love xxx


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