I’m talking a fair bit lately. Much more than I have been. I’ve had conversations about all sorts, and with all manner of people. It’s been fun.

In all of this newness there has been a topic that has really taken hold of me, and allowed me to breathe more freely.  I’ve been talking about my mental health. My brain health. Health that was, and is, and will be.

For the first time, I am talking, in a calm and measured manner, about my state of mind. Which is quite a profound step for me. I have always had an acute form of cognitive constipation when it comes to talking about my headspace.  I suppose that in all sea-changes and transformations there is a catalyst to everything, and the impetus for my sharing has been a brave lady, and her selfless campaign.

In the post today, I received a conversation starter. An #imtalking badge. I am wearing it now, and it is a part of a campaign to promote openness and understanding of mental health concerns. As a person who experiences chronic anxiety and all of the mayhem that ensues from this, it is a campaign very close to my heart. I heard about this movement  from the sea-swimming, mermaid- living, love-beaming phenomenon that is Laura Evans. I read one of her blog posts from


It opened my eyes, and amplified my voice box. So much so, that I am carrying my little badge with me wherever I go, because talking about things is a powerful thing. Do you feel like talking? If the answer is yes, no or maybe, then go and read https://hookedontheocean.weebly.com. Who knows where your thoughts will take you? I’ll wager it will be somewhere good…


© Tom Tide 2018

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