Home Turf

Some are curved as Mammoth tusks. Others squared off in biscuits. Blade-hewn ochre rainbows. Steeped all. Brittle now, once wet forged. Rough on fingertips. Dying whorls as intricate as Kells books. Bleeding whisky-hued water- pooling in cracks dark as blood. Some riddled with gnarled roots. Others smooth-grained as coffee grounds. Now mere husks. Seasoning. Earth…

World Cup Haiku

Roads as quiet as a hearse- Television static crackles, all screens in sync; Deserted streets feel highly strung.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018

For Peter Firmin

A life spent spinning yarns. Conjuring stories to life. Bright magic, for young and old. Weaving entire worlds in kaleidoscopes of colour. All from one darkened barn. A life behind lenses, Lived for others.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018