Wells have profound depth: Like the mind, thoughts plummet through air; Lightly cast, yet forming ripples.   ©Tom Tide 2017


Voices carry through the night. Amplified by still-warm walls. Ironic: humans outside and cats in. Every window door vent thrown wide, As the moths have a jamboree. No breeze to ruffle my book leaves tonight, only the tap of winged things, scampering over mottled ink. All dry, everything dry, save my sweat. Tonight, England has…

Antici…PATION! of a ‘Blind Date with a Book’.

I am of two minds: First, I’m all for taking a risk. Experimenting. Though there’s more. Second: its all about chemistry for me. From first glance if there’s a raising of hairs (or eyebrows)… Or other appendages, Then I’m easy. Hooked. Yours. ?   Copyright Tom Tide 2017  

Music to my eyes

  Once I had a radio: In its place lie symphonies of words; Music for my busy mind.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017  

Book Barn exploration

There is a haven, a few scant miles from my abode. A time machine of text. Crammed rafter-high with both relics and rookies in paper and hardback form. ‘The Book Barn’. Sign emblazoned with the tagline ‘Over 1 Million Books.’  Quite a claim. One that is true. The place is vast. VAST. A warehouse of…