Sultry machines, typewriters. Yes, really.      Think. Silken ribbons, sopping in anticipation. Traces of  wetness left on sheets of white. Intense, this fluid exchange.   These keys are as blindfolded lovers- ribbed and longing for touch, they quiver at the first stroke as hot darts of desire leap upwards. Arched limbs. Every finger’s caress…

I shalt covet thy ticket.

Bath has been full of pilgrims seeking Paradise: Shangri-La, Music Mecca, call it what you will. Now? They have arrived: greeted by flags. A year of desire begins to be sated…   For me, this SO bittersweet. I observe through a screen, through a lens the joy of others. Glittered, beautiful faces. Arms raised, arched  in…


Merely giving voice to the name is seductive. It sounds provocative.  A lingering accentuation of the tongue. A langurous revelation of three syllables that is somewhere between a sigh of pleasure and a whispered secret. It is a celebratory, intoxicating, empowering revelation of the joys of performance. All this and more, because it is also incredibly arousing. I am referring to…

Antici…PATION! of a ‘Blind Date with a Book’.

I am of two minds: First, I’m all for taking a risk. Experimenting. Though there’s more. Second: its all about chemistry for me. From first glance if there’s a raising of hairs (or eyebrows)… Or other appendages, Then I’m easy. Hooked. Yours. ?   Copyright Tom Tide 2017  

Tread Softly

Sometimes, someone breaks through the gates of my inner self, throws them aside, and peeks in to long dormant corners of my mind. With keen wit and sharp eye scrapes back the layers that camouflage powerful desires. So subtle this gossamer presence, that I seldom know they are there until they glide away, leaving me shattered….

Among the Gorse

A mass of contradictions is Gorse: Keenly fragrant on a warm day, yet Barbed to the touch. Within, an entire world once wound through hidden paths. That fragrance? Purest Vanilla, with something else entirely. A visceral  funk. Arousing.   Beckoning the lusty. To a most secluded of bowers- when with a lover. Hidden by enclosing…

Coffee Oracle

My morning coffee teases me with glimpses of all the things I could write about today but cannot yet see they swirl and vanish all too fast in steam of consciousness way before I can capture them yet some meagre impressions remain like sunspots- here’s to inspiration!   © Tom Tide 2016


  It is not the unwrapping of trinkets. It is an unveiling of cherished times. Memories, crystalised in glass and glitter long dormant, now fresh With new discovery. Curve and colour released from winding cloths; Buried treasure rediscovered.   It is not a tree, but a pennant. Colours nailed to the mast, to glorify another year…

See you Later

After the driving rain and angry drivers, stuffy rooms and rubbed eyes, I’ll be seeing you. Balm for my ears. My anti- anxiety. Perched in calm readiness, bathed in morning rays.   Copyright Tom Tide 2016


  Your name trips from my tongue in three brief sighs, Proserpine, fair empress of temptation. My gaze is ever drawn to your dark eyes; Twin pools, offering such pure libation.   Yet you, the epitome of denial. Left hand clasped to steer you from desire; Will never more your crimson lips defile, From this…