Jupiter on the Beach

A planet, Spinning with galaxies of spheres, in a universe of  fiery globes. Everywhere milky light and orbits within an inconceivable space countless fathoms deep beyond sight or sound.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018  

Delve and Quicken- for the beach and her lovers.

So very kind to hands plunged in. This soft heaviness, welcoming scooped palms. Whispered sussurations as stones settle deep. Then a parting, lifting of palms, all creases scars wrinkles lie smoothed, blessed by the fine chalkdust of these thousands of miniature planets. Powdered and perfumed every one, by pulsating tides- Saltlaquered and dried smooth by fierce suns.   Yet with more…

Glad Tidings

Tom Tide, in tide at High Tide.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017