Garden fresh, full of growth: Glowing , keen with blossoms yet to come, Soon to quicken in sunlight.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018


Voices carry through the night. Amplified by still-warm walls. Ironic: humans outside and cats in. Every window door vent thrown wide, As the moths have a jamboree. No breeze to ruffle my book leaves tonight, only the tap of winged things, scampering over mottled ink. All dry, everything dry, save my sweat. Tonight, England has…

Watering can soothe

I sweltered in my car. A metal box, arid and non-living. Then with a click, she emerged. Cradling a watering can wearing a top blue as an April sky. To revive a beloved garden of England. Or perhaps Japan: so lovingly fed and swept in to place by delicate hands. All ferns and fronds.  …

Each and every

I think of you with each and every swing…   Copyright Tom Tide 2017


Upside down side hedge: Trunk across? Leaves vertical? Until I tilt my head.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017


  A labour of love Built with offerings of those dearest to me.   The lining of my son’s abandoned toys has become bedding to warm the tender bellies of fledglings. The spun gold of my wife’s brushed  hair cast from the window for the birds now binds curving walls with a burnished strength. My frayed…

The best view

The best views are veiled. Revealed through winding pathways; Reflecting splendour.   © Tom Tide 2016