On seeing Miss Bath 2018 appearing as the Goddess Minerva.   Timeless beauty flows from her; Sunlit tresses flow in glowing crescents, framing lustrous eyes with beau regard.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018      

A Step at a Time

Feet fall softly as blossom: Yet soles bear weight over time, Flowing with streams of life.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017

Crystal clear creativity

Sand is far too gritty! Add heat- fierce heat, to fully clarify: Truth will surely, smoothly ensue.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017


A curious thing this writing: Two years of words, all penned out, Four Hundred posts, shared online.   © Tom Tide 2017  


Wound tight around my pulse: Feeling my heart quicken with desire sparked- Woven with memories, dyed indelibly.   © Tom Tide 2017    


The last apple falls anon: Does it sense its brief, swift demise? Or feel naught but gravity?   © Tom Tide 2017  


Autumn tide is swept away. Dormant curves yearn for the ocean- Drenched in their fierce desire.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017  

Just a leaf

Just a leaf in Autumn? No. Furled and sleeping Salamander: Snake at point of waking.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017    

To All Things

Window pane wears Autumn frost. Only a sliver of Summer life remains, Soon to be brushed away.   © Tom Tide 2017