Merman Dreams

Every time I swim in the ocean, it is as if I return to a long, lost lover. I feel uncontrollably drawn in to an embrace, and the initial meeting of selves is overwhelming. The shock of the cold is almost violent in its intensity. Mere milliseconds last for aeons, and I float along underneath…

Dream of Me

Familiar words drifted towards him as he felt the gate yield to the key.¬†Stars fading, but I linger on dear; still craving your kiss. The torrid heat of the day had given way to a clear and cloudless night, the surface of the lido lay flat and shimmering in the moonlight. Full, the moon cast…

Dream a little.

  Most members preferred the heated indoor pool, with its regimented lanes and floodlights. He’d always found it stifling in there. The water felt greasy and clotted somehow, with the swimmers who treated the water like an obstacle to slap and push out of the way as they thumped to the end of the pool….

A Mermaid Jewellers

  All wet and glistening shimmered colour. Blessed by driving rain and the Sea. The world submerged in water. The whole, wild beach laid out in its finery.   Like a Mermaid Jewellers.   ¬© Tom Tide 2017