Cool Water

A noted perfumier once referred to my favourite scent as having the rancid, burning odour of ‘hot electronics’. Another championed it as ‘that rarest of things, namely a mass-produced scent that has asserted itself proudly’. I am no perfumier (and actually have only one functioning nostril), but I feel that both of these classifications are unjust. Davidoff’s Cool Water…

Coffee Oracle

My morning coffee teases me with glimpses of all the things I could write about today but cannot yet see they swirl and vanish all too fast in steam of consciousness way before I can capture them yet some meagre impressions remain like sunspots- here’s to inspiration!   © Tom Tide 2016

Crisp and cold

A crisp and cold morning. Cloudbanks looming like a wave. Rolling fields beckon. Copyright Tom Tide 2017


Even here, deep in suburbia, It is wild tonight. Everything gilded in Silver. Sharp silhouettes softly shadowed yet lights fan out, sharp as a blade. Slipping out, no sound carries. I feel in the deep Sea or darkest space. The chill calms me. Soothes my teeming mind. Yet also excites it, for even though I…