Sea Changed

We are the Sea changed. We yield our secrets slowly. Move at the tide’s whimsy- one whole inch in a Millenium; then miles, within one short tempest. We’ve true grit beneath our markings. Cast like ancient runes on the shore. For all the wide world to read.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018

Autumnal Poem for Bobbie

The very ground resonates. It is anything but a Fall, this time of year. Suffused by beauty, the air lifts. Hazy light; a welcome sight for sore eyes. All glows warm, as sated lovers.   Summer’s passions spent- now comes repose. The land exhales- all growing passed as nature stretches languid, Pulls up its leafy…

Simply Elemental

Fluid as a Hokusai wave, this blushing Granite. Wind-worn, Mica-clad curves. Solid and sensual- An athlete’s thighs. Yet so maddeningly quixotic! A draughtsman’s Midnight doodles. Speech-bubbles from a comic, with only one phrase looming: ‘Are we real’? Grinning Sphinx mouths mock replies. Who care’s, when they’re so beautiful? Even their make up exotic. Feldspar: now…

Turn Turn Turn

Clouds like seas above hills: Hills rise in to mighty tidal peaks; Piercing rays light the heavens. © Tom Tide 2017  

Little Wonder

Little wonder Eire breeds so many World Travellers. Look: in one wild rock in the far-flung North West blossoms a lichen globe. Whole wide shining continents- each with  new borders to cross. And all this glimpsed in one misty minute. How many broadened horizons birthed by one swift glimpse of this single slab, across centuries?…


Upside down side hedge: Trunk across? Leaves vertical? Until I tilt my head.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017

Mother Nature Makes a Seat

Mother Nature makes  seat, for the ones who search, Those who strive for green and air, and sometimes seek a perch. Somewhere to recline, breathing deep, to contemplate the day. Away from hubbub, strife and noise, away, so far away.   Searching brings such wondrous yields, tis truly worth a look, For my perch yielded…