Work gets in the way!

Today is a day for walking, not working! Roll on 4pm! Good morning all, from sunny, hazy Bath x  

Blowing away the cobwebs

I spend my breaks with jackdaws, Occasionally with crows; Gazing as they whirl and glide, Forgetting all my woes.   Savouring the open air, Relishing the breeze; Pausing for the briefest time, A momentary ease.   Copyright Tom Tide 2016                  

Mother Nature Makes a Seat

Mother Nature makes  seat, for the ones who search, Those who strive for green and air, and sometimes seek a perch. Somewhere to recline, breathing deep, to contemplate the day. Away from hubbub, strife and noise, away, so far away.   Searching brings such wondrous yields, tis truly worth a look, For my perch yielded…

Displacement-or finding oneself suddenly transported to another place.

It is the strangest of sensations to be transported. Away from one’s feet. One’s rationality. To another place entirely. To see Inca ruins within rural England. Yes, odd. I know. Yet I felt it. It was the deep, pure green. The presence of past Industry and civilisation all reclaimed by nature. Wildness. I thank the…

Ghost Sign

This is Ghost Sign, my poem about a beautiful mirror and gilt shop sign that was rediscovered behind paneling in Bath recently. Hidden for nearly 70years, its discovery marks the building’s transition from Fancy Dress shop to a Bar and Restaurant.   Ghost Sign What did you hear, in all those years locked away Boarded and barricaded?…