Sea Changed

We are the Sea changed. We yield our secrets slowly. Move at the tide’s whimsy- one whole inch in a Millenium; then miles, within one short tempest. We’ve true grit beneath our markings. Cast like ancient runes on the shore. For all the wide world to read.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018


Autumn tide is swept away. Dormant curves yearn for the ocean- Drenched in their fierce desire.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017  


Do you know what impresses me about pebbles? They endure. Always. I mean, pick your punishment: they’ve beaten it. Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Crushed for Millennia, Slammed out of Cliffs, Storms, Waves. Dogs.   Battered beyond belief. Yet… All the more beautiful for their bludgeoning. Unbroken. Never. Ever. Shattered. As are all impressive people.   © Tom…

Delve and Quicken- for the beach and her lovers.

So very kind to hands plunged in. This soft heaviness, welcoming scooped palms. Whispered sussurations as stones settle deep. Then a parting, lifting of palms, all creases scars wrinkles lie smoothed, blessed by the fine chalkdust of these thousands of miniature planets. Powdered and perfumed every one, by pulsating tides- Saltlaquered and dried smooth by fierce suns.   Yet with more…

Heartstone for Helen

    When I am gone my love, hold this in your hands. It is full of all I hold dear. I give it all to you. Tossed, scoured shaped by waves. My heart, fashioned over millennia, to lie nestled now in to your cool palm. Brush its concentric circles with your thumb. Feel, at…