We are bound together, you and I. Fierce friend, brave ally. We grow together, light we chase, Intertwined in deep embrace.   © Tom Tide 2016    


The sigh of the Sea is the Song of my heart Relentlessly rolling, repeating, stalwart Curving and curling and carving each start, Framing and cradling every thought.   I adore every breathing and sighing of wave As it heaves to the shore in its spume, At times keeping pace, erstwhile off the stave Yes ethereal…

Self Portrait, by Constantin Brancusi

A carved face. Your chiselled features surrounded by heavenly curves. Hair whitened as if by flecks flung from your tools. In your chapel of marble, with slender legs Encased in linen, veined like purest Carrera. Arms folded, cradling your strong hands- The soul of your art. © Tom Tide 2016    

Wondrous Frames

The painter Paul Klee described art as ‘taking a line for a walk’. Perhaps. Dave Fieldhouse, though, takes the eyes and heart on a great journey. His images are at once strikingly fresh and new, yet wonderfully nostalgic. They are multi-faceted scenes that evoke precise amd special moments captured in beautiful places, yet often captured…

Springs Eternal

Every burning fibre of my being yearns To take your weary face between my open palms, Lift your blinding shrouds and gently Tilt your head heavenward.   Yet I would not, though it pains me. Nay, not for all the world. For you endure, graceful one- Strong, despite every and all of the odds. Unaided….

Damned Belle

Never a caressive thought spared  for you, Despite all your lonely wanderings. With your deadly heady jasmine scent so pure, So intense it drew them all, inexorably to you.   No. You, even in your savage isolation Sought dark places to repel their affection. Still they came, and burned their souls away with The purity…

Chance meeting

The banner of the Alzheimer’s Society is a Forget Me Not flower. Beautiful, tender and unassuming, and probaly frequently swept aside in frenzied weeding.  It is a tiny flower, forged from powder blue petals, white stars at the epicentre and a core of vibrant yellow. The sage green petals protect the fragile bloom as you…


A strange meeting. Prayerful, with eyes lowered and bowed heads. This convocation of hands Graceful as  dancers; steadily Holding life and limb- A silent congregation, intent Upon salvation. Invoking healing, as if souls, not mouths, could converse. All in Accord, held by a moment bathed in light.  Yet moving mechanically, as the many parts of a…

Keep the Faith

I want  to time travel, right now. To drop in to an event, a gig, a scene  like a stone in a well, and immerse myself. Bathe in the moment, and only come up for air when sated.  Given the choice, the full gamut of happenings, I’d pick a Northern Soul event hands down. A…

Sea Change

  All here are: the friends, families, fuck ups. The up at the crack of dawners. Both rested and restless. The celebrants, the mourners.   For here is the downing of tools, Replenishment of souls. The drinking in of moments. Repairing of holes.