Pensive face, formed in branches: Lips part, nostrils flare as if seeking divine scent upon the winds.   © Tom Tide 2017  

As from a river’s bed

  My submerged eyes peer upwards: As if reclining on river’s bed; My body craves the daylight.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017  

Mother Nature Makes a Seat

Mother Nature makes  seat, for the ones who search, Those who strive for green and air, and sometimes seek a perch. Somewhere to recline, breathing deep, to contemplate the day. Away from hubbub, strife and noise, away, so far away.   Searching brings such wondrous yields, tis truly worth a look, For my perch yielded…

Displacement-or finding oneself suddenly transported to another place.

It is the strangest of sensations to be transported. Away from one’s feet. One’s rationality. To another place entirely. To see Inca ruins within rural England. Yes, odd. I know. Yet I felt it. It was the deep, pure green. The presence of past Industry and civilisation all reclaimed by nature. Wildness. I thank the…


We are bound together, you and I. Fierce friend, brave ally. We grow together, light we chase, Intertwined in deep embrace.   © Tom Tide 2016    

It just looked so content…

Everybody has a flair for describing something. That  something could be anything. One of my friends is adept at describing classic cars, to the point that  can almost see them. Another can invoke memories of kisses that are so vivid they make me blush. The queen of description however, without doubt, is my Sister Hannah….

The Shippen a storm

An Ark. Firmly run aground in a safe harbour. Once a refuge for animals, milked two by two. Now a home, lovingly crafted. Formidably hulled: all Shipshape and Bristol fashion. A beam-boned whale, with portholes Peering out at rolling landscapes. All wood a creaking, flexing, holding fast. Scything the wind. Enduring rains. Prow raised up to…


What a wondrous thing To wander through a garden. Deftly led by its creator. To watch those loving hands caress floral finery. See a place through another’s eyes. Bathe in coaxed colours and textures, Swaying branches bedecked by leaves, as if coral Deep within a reef. Finding pleasure in every twisting turn of treble clef…

The best view

The best views are veiled. Revealed through winding pathways; Reflecting splendour.   © Tom Tide 2016