Just so, you are to me. When far away, always present. A murmur in my ear. Drawing me to you. A bright spirit, turning my attention all magpie. When close, a beautiful cacophony. All else drowned out. My soul throws itself in to you like a young otter, All joy play elemental. And yes, you…


Branches kiss the lake: Ripples lick to give their love, Glassy waters sigh.   © Tom Tide 2017

Find bench will sit

The water had a silken, peaty feel to it. The cold was shocking  at first. The  wooden seat of the bench damp on my behind. Once settled though, I felt a deep serenity. My feet were floating, and gently rocked by lapping ripples. With the breeze cool on my face, it felt a lot like…

Passing by

Such are rivers at dusk. Profound serenity. A beauty rippled with sadness, as if Ophelia had just swept around the bend; Robes flowing underwater. Fading as the Sun. Copyright Tom Tide 2017    

Watering can soothe

I sweltered in my car. A metal box, arid and non-living. Then with a click, she emerged. Cradling a watering can wearing a top blue as an April sky. To revive a beloved garden of England. Or perhaps Japan: so lovingly fed and swept in to place by delicate hands. All ferns and fronds.  …

Frog’s Eye View

The water had a velvety softness to it, and from the surface was the colour of linseed oil. Once I was thigh-deep though, I saw how pure and clear the water really was. Perched on smooth river stones, I could see my feet and toes vividly, and even pick out the current flowing around my…

Dam you forever, my love?

You are life-giving and shockingly beautiful. You are water, my love. I would swim inside you, and you inside me Forever, yet would be drowned by my devotion. So I dam you up. Make myself in to strong walls to shield me from you. I could say it works. Yet the truth is, you already…

The Sea flows through my Pen

The Sea flows through my Pen. I pray that words will flow as freely as waves.       © Tom Tide 2017    

The Underside of Bridges

  If I am to come back as man-made stuff, Would that I be the underbelly of a bridge. Bathing in reflected moonlight of an evening, Basking in warm, refracted sun in the day. I would wrap the winter darkness around my stony self. Let me see the joyous faces ambling along. Peering at the…


  Shattered fishing float: Mimics waveform at its crest; Jagged, yet so calm.   © Tom Tide 2017