Merman Dreams

Every time I swim in the ocean, it is as if I return to a long, lost lover. I feel uncontrollably drawn in to an embrace, and the initial meeting of selves is overwhelming. The shock of the cold is almost violent in its intensity. Mere milliseconds last for aeons, and I float along underneath…


  Shattered fishing float: Mimics waveform at its crest; Jagged, yet so calm.   © Tom Tide 2017


It may be cold. There may be wind as harsh as a blade. It will soak me to the skin. Yet it will never. Ever. Be repetitive.   © Tom Tide 2017  

Amber Tide

  Early morning amber tide lapping. Heaven above, heavenly below. Glowing bright, brighter; Glistening all places between.   Breathe in union with the waves, for now is the time for lovers and soul searchers. Every hue bleeding then healing in to the dark horizon. Becoming one with all.   All is glowing, and so vibrant….

A dance in triple time

  A dance in three movements. All of expression is here, from rhythmic rise to syncopated sway. To flow again.   Beneath, a gentle roll presses on tide-scoured stones. Borne aloft by a lunar score.   Above is the floating hang; the breath before the crescendo.   At the pinnacle, spume- tossed sprites waltz, then pirouette in to…


The sigh of the Sea is the Song of my heart Relentlessly rolling, repeating, stalwart Curving and curling and carving each start, Framing and cradling every thought.   I adore every breathing and sighing of wave As it heaves to the shore in its spume, At times keeping pace, erstwhile off the stave Yes ethereal…